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Tamarod refuses talks with US embassy in Cairo

Senior officials in the American Embassy in Cairo have requested meetings with members of the Tamarod Movement, the group's spokesman said today.

In a statement, Mohamed Nabawi said: "After the political bureau of the movement met, we have decided to reject the request for a meeting in front of the Egyptian people and indeed in front of the whole world. We will not be contacting the embassy to inform them of this, our response will reach them through the media."

The statement added: "The movement's decision comes in light of how the US administration is seeking to harm the Arab world and in particular the role it is playing in Egypt and our beloved Syria.

We are still and will continue to mirror the demands of the people. We will not be deflected from the path of the revolution; achieving national stability is more valuable than American coffers."

Representatives of the US Embassy in Cairo have been trying to hold meetings with members of the movement since June last year. They have formally requested meetings three times. The Tamarod Movement has refused to meet with members of the embassy.


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