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Crimes of the Egyptian army in Sinai

May 13, 2014 at 10:17 am

Egyptian social media activists circulated a number of video clips that reveal what they dubbed “crimes of the Egyptian army in Sinai.”

According to the videos, Egyptian army attacked Egyptian civilians in Sinai with artillery.

Corpses in a well

A video posted at a YouTube page dedicated to shedding light on human rights violations in Sinai shows a number of individuals taking out corpses from a deep well in Sinai. According to the description of the video, the corpses belong to civilians killed by the army in the vicinity of Al-Goura Airport. The corpses have been thrown in the well in a bid “to hide the crime.” The YouTue page admins accuse the Egyptian army of torturing the victims to death before throwing their corpses into the well.

Destruction of homes and farms

In the following two clips, one shows a military bulldozer is uprooting trees and ruining farms, while the second shows the volume of destruction in a number of areas in Sinai following artillery raids.

The Egyptian army is waging a war against the people of Sinai in what it describes as counter-terrorism operations. However, residents of Sinai consider the raids as attacks on civilians which mainly targets non-combatants. Rights groups have denounced the Egyptian army’s indiscriminate violence in Sinai, which claimed the lives of dozens of civilians since the July 3 military coup.