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UNSC to vote on French resolution to take Syria to the ICC

Amidst expectations of a Russian and Chinese veto, the UNSC is to vote on a French draft resolution calling to bring Syria before the International Criminal Court (ICC.)

Russia and China have previously vetoed three UNSC resolutions regarding the Syrian issue. They are also expected to veto this one.

As Syria is not a member of the ICC, a UNSC vote is needed.

The UNSC have previously voted on two similar decisions, one on Sudan in 2005 and one on Libya in 2011.

As violence and chemical attacks have increased in Syria, a group of Western diplomats believe that it is time to "candidly" announce the desire of the international community to confront the Syrian policy of "evading punishment."

During a meeting for the Friends of Syria held in London on Thursday, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius said: "It's not because there is a risk of veto that we should encourage impunity for (Syrian President) Bashar."

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