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Artillery shelling renewed on Fallujah, Iraq

A number of Fallujah neighbourhoods were targeted on Wednesday by artillery shelling and rockets that resulted in collateral damage across people's properties; it is unknown if there was any human losses.

Fallujah has been under heavy artillery shelling by the Iraqi army since the breakout of the military campaign against opposition about three months ago.

In a different incident, a sniper shot dead a police captain during the inauguration of a police station in the west of the city.

Meanwhile, a security source said that violent clashes broke out between the army and gunmen in the middle of Al-Ramadi in the West of the country. "Different kinds of weapons were used in the clashes," the security source said.

In Mosul, 396 km north of Baghdad, five people were injured in a car bomb blast, including two soldiers. "A car exploded in one of the streets to the west of Mosul during the passage of an army patrol," security source said, "five were injured, including two soldiers."


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