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EU Commission president calls for support of Palestinian reconciliation

President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, currently on a visit to Israel, has called for support of the Palestinian reconciliation agreement.

“For the sake of reaching a future peace agreement and to form a legitimate representative government, Palestinian reconciliation should be supported,” Barroso said at the security conference in Herzliya Sunday.

However, he stressed that any Palestinian government should commit to non-violence and the two-state solution, resolve the conflict through negotiations, accept previous agreements and recognize Israel.

Israel had suspended peace talks since the announcement of Palestinian reconciliation in April, citing Hamas’s support to the new government.

Barroso urged Israel and Palestine to have “political courage” to take decisive steps towards peace.

The status quo may sound politically more secure on the short run, but it cannot lead to gains on the short run, he pointed out.

He stressed that Israeli security and the establishment of a state for Palestinians are “moral necessities” for the international community.


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