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Report: 200 Palestinians tortured to death in Syria

Some 200 Palestinian prisoners have died as a result of torture while being held in the Syrian regime’s jails since the start of the uprising, the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria said.

The group said that in June four Palestinian refugees were tortured in Syrian prisons. They are: Mohammad Ali Farhood, Ashrab Abdel Nasser, Ghassan Salamah and Osama Hafawi.

Most of the bodies have not been handed over to relatives, relatives were however called to inform them to head to the security headquarters in order to collect the detainee’s belongings without allowing them to ask about the body.

In an earlier statement the group had demanded the Syrian regime disclose the fate of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners who are unaccounted for, saying what is happening to Palestinians held in Syrian prisons is a “war crime by all standards” .

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