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Qatar launches largest solar energy plant in Middle East

A Qatar-based renewable energy company, Qatar Solar Energy (QSE), has announced the launch of the largest facility for the development and manufacture of solar energy panels in the Middle East and North Africa.

The chief executive of QSE, Salim Abbassi, said that his company is dedicated to democratising sustainable energy by delivering "environmentally responsible solutions" to the world's pressing energy challenges. "By lowering the cost, our technology will empower individuals and businesses with affordable electricity in developed and emerging markets," he claimed.

QSE's innovative model combines the operations of research, technological development, manufacturing, project development and installation all under one roof. "There is an integrated production line, starting with the raw materials all the way to the consumer," claimed Abbassi, "which allows the company to pursue continuous innovation as well as the integration of the latest technologies in its products."

The Gazry Centre for Excellence, a research institute that brings together the best minds in the region, plays an important role in QSE's operations.


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