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Inauguration Day

In an epic scene that is reminiscent of an Ancient Greek myth, the leader of the violent and bloody coup is being appointed emperor of Egypt amid a celebratory environment similar to the Roman celebrations. The leader of the coup wanted to prove, to himself first and then to the people, that he was appointed in accordance with the people’s will, even if this will was fabricated and staged, acting as if the events of last July 3 were not a coup, rather a manifestation of the people’s will.

It has been said that he wanted to restore the prestige of the position as president after it had been lost during the rule of the legitimately elected president Dr Mohamed Morsi, but he forgot that he, along with the deep state, are the ones who lost this prestige through their lowly schemes. While Egypt is suffering from an unprecedented financial crisis and is reaching out to the Gulf states for help, we are seeing ridiculous extravagance and overindulgence in the massive celebration of the new emperor, who asked the poor Egyptian people to cut back and spend their money carefully, urging them to walk to work instead of taking transport. It is as if these people have been destined, since 1952 when the military began to rule, to live in poverty and be humiliated, sacrificing their most basic human rights!

Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi rose to power on the bodies and remains of the thousands of Egyptians who have been killed since the beginning of the brutal coup, and he continues to fight the rebels until this day and I do not believe he will stop anytime soon.

During his farcical inauguration speech, Al-Sisi said he would not reconcile with the Muslim Brotherhood, i.e. he will continue his battle against the political Islamic trend in an attempt to eliminate the trend from political life, and even from society if he can. However, he will not win this war he waged against the Islamists, which he is only fighting in order to please his American and Zionist masters and in service of the Saudi Arabian and the Emirati leaders who charged him with this task and funded his brutal coup. They continue to support his war with large sums of money, but he will inevitably lose this war and will have to walk away humiliated, with his tail between his legs.

He also said, in his inauguration speech, that he will not allow a parallel authority to be established, as if he were saying to the people that from now on, “there will be no true opposition in the country that will contest or challenge my position or rule. There will be no opposition that will want to seriously challenge me in the next elections after my first term. There will be a fabricated opposition put together by the state security, just as it was during Mubarak’s reign.” We have gone back in history and the funny thing is that the pro-coup Egyptian newspapers have used the following phrase in their headlines, “they returned to their past”.

Yes, Mubarak’s regime has returned in the flesh and is headed by Al-Sisi, or the new Mubarak, in a new reproduction that is even uglier and cruder than the original. He is surrounded by the same corrupt media choir, crooked businessmen, corrupt judges and religious figures who have sold out their religion for the emperor’s unjust world. Enjoy this new companionship that will lead you to the lowest pit in hell.


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