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London-based Brotherhood leader reiterates group's adherence to peaceful resistance

June 11, 2014 at 11:01 am

The London-based Muslim Brotherhood leader Ibrahim Mounir emphasized that his group adheres to peaceful resistance despite the injustice is it currently facing by the military regime.

At a seminar at the House of Commons Tuesday, Mounir stressed that “any individual who rejects the peaceful approach of the MB is immediately expelled.”

Ibrahim Mounir said the army was attempting to seek power and preserve the gains and privileges in order to empower themselves and monopolise resources in the country. Mounir said that the Brotherhood did not consider themselves to be infallible and said that the group did not discriminate on the basis of religion or race. He said that the MB was committed to democratically elected governments and was prepared to work with any government in accordance with a clear political programme.

Another Brotherhood representative who attended the seminar, Abdel-Mawgoud al-Dardery, expressed his hope that the UK government’s investigations would take into account the massacres committed by the military-run regime since theJul 3 coup where thousands have been killed and wounded.

Former minister of international cooperation Amr Darrag also spoke at the seminar, pointing out that the Freedom and Justice Party is working with other political forces inside and outside Egypt for the sake of restoring democracy and bringing down the military regime.

A Brotherhood youth activist who spoke at the seminar, Mona al-Qazzaz, said that anti-coup youth have protested throughout the past eleven months without resorting to violence.