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Gaza-based newspapers blame PA for Israeli ban on their distribution

Palestinian newspapers published from the Gaza Strip hold the Palestinian Authority (PA) responsible for the Israeli decision to prohibit printing and distributing them in the West Bank.

The papers said the PA is to blame because of “its failure to shoulder responsibility to pursue the matter, especially since the papers’ printing house is located in Palestinian Authority territories, near the PA the security agencies’ headquarters and official institutions.”

The newspapers of Felesteen, Al Resalah and Al-Estiqlal had been prevented from printing and distributing their publications yesterday.

Al-Ayyam printing press which prints the papers informed the newspapers’ administrations that “it will no longer be able to print their papers fearing the Israeli threats against it”.

In a joint statement yesterday, the three newspapers condemned the Israeli decision to prevent their printing and distribution in the West Bank, saying it “represents violations and part of the ongoing crimes against the Palestinian media which includes arrests and prohibition of printing and distribution”.

The papers called on the International Federation of Journalists, international organisations and human rights organisations to take urgent action to expose the Israeli practices against the Palestinian media and to expel the Israeli media organisation from the Federation for their pro-occupation stance, which they said support and encourage the occupation to commit crimes against the Palestinian media.

The newspapers called on all parties to participate in joint activities to denounce attacks “carried out by the Israeli forces and the PA against the Palestinian media” including a vigil outside the Council of Ministers headquarters today.

Last month, Hamas and Fatah signed an agreement in Gaza Strip ending Palestinian divisions and stipulating the formation of a unity government which was sworn in last week.

Following the announcement newspapers based in the West Bank resumed their distribution in the Gaza Strip; after they were prevented from doing so for seven years since the Palestinian division in 2007. Likewise, Gaza-based newspapers resumed their distributions in the West Bank.


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