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Islamic Jihad: 'Israeli arrest campaign will not stop Palestinian resistance'

Senior Islamic Jihad leader Sheikh Nafiz Azzam said on Sunday that the massive Israeli arrest campaign would not stop Palestinian resistance or "break the Palestinians' will" to regain their rights.

"Arresting thousands of Palestinians will not deflect them from the path of resistance or push them to give up their principles and rights," he said, noting that more than 5,000 Palestinians are still in Israeli prisons.

Azzam reiterated that the Israeli occupation has been ignoring international laws and conventions; it also "ridicules" UN resolutions. He called on the Arab and Islamic states to put more pressure on the US and Israel.

He called on international human rights organisations to work hard to release Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails.

"Our message to the hunger strikers inside Israeli jails is that their pathway is clear, their will is stronger than all attempts to make them kneel, our people support them and the whole Ummah sympathises with them," he said.

Earlier yesterday, Islamic Jihad leader Daud Shihab reiterated that the resistance of the Palestinians is "one unit" in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. "If Hebron was targeted, Gaza will not distance itself from that aggression," he said.


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