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Haftar plans to move towards Tripoli

Renegade Libyan General Khalifa Haftar said that he is planning, along with branches of the military forces and tribesmen in the Western part of the country, to “liberate Tripoli from terrorists and illegal militias”.

Speaking to the UAE Al-Bayan newspaper, Haftar said that the military operation would move to the West and South soon to “liberate” the country.

“The Libyan army is leading an anti-terror battle on behalf of the whole world in order to regain security for Libya and its neighbours,” Haftar said.

He called for the General National Congress of Libya to step down and called for its members to be prosecuted. He also called for the current temporary government of Abdullah Al-Thinni to continue running the country until the committee of 60 complete writing the Constitution, due by September 30.

Calling for outside help, Haftar said: “I hope that the developed countries, which claim they are fighting terrorism, will unconditionally help us because Libya’s fall will result in economic and political losses for them.”

Haftar considered the Muslim Brotherhood and Takfirists Libya’s main enemy. “Both are two faces of the same coin. They stole the Arab Spring revolts.

“The Muslim Brotherhood has no country and Libya will not be theirs. They have trans-continental projects and we will not let Libya be the base for their adventures and conspiracies.”

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