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Ghannouchi calls on 'all the free people of the world to stand with the Palestinians'

July 10, 2014 at 12:21 pm

The leader of Ennahda Tunisian Movement, Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi, said the Israeli occupation’s expectations that the use of force and war to subjugate the Palestinian people is not an important one. He stressed that the Israeli military operation, which was launched against the Gaza Strip on Monday, will fail, and that the Palestinian issue “will continue to sit in the heart of every Arab, Muslim, and any free human being”.

In an exclusive statement to Quds Press, Ghannouchi called the people of the free world to show solidarity with the Palestinian people in their resistance to the aggression.

“The occupation is trying to exploit the weak situation of the Arab world and the international situation in order to suppress the Palestinian people, in another attempt to subjugate them and prevent their unity, yet another failure. The Palestinian issue is at the heart of every Arab, Muslim and free human being. This great Palestinian people have rebelled against the Zionist’s usual methods, and we call upon the Arabs, Muslims and all liberals of the world to stand alongside this great people in the face of the occupation,” he said.

Ghannouchi described the international position towards the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians as “one that is falling behind”.

He added: “The international situation is a weak one that encourages aggression against the Palestinians. While the international laws are clear about not allowing the acquisition of territory by force, clear about holding the occupation responsible for the occupied people, clear about the necessity of the commitment to standing against aggression, the European, American and Russian positions have not met the minimum demands of international law, morality and conscience. We demand, at least, a full condemnation of the aggression and opposing sanctions against the aggressor.”

Ghannouchi believes the war waged by Israel is part of the war to prevent Palestinians from becoming free peoples who can choose their rulers freely. “Certainly, the Zionist war against the Palestinians is not separate from the wars that target the nation in various Arab areas. The Arab countries have entered a new era, and the spark that was set off in Tunisia and motivated uprisings and revolutions is now targeted. So the conflict is now between forces that advocate for change and for moving forward versus forces that aim to bring the nation’s conditions back to its past: a sole leader, a governing party, the fraudulent elections, the wooden media and the money monopoly, but this will never be revived, and it is only a matter of time before the Arab world starts enjoying the results of its revolutions,” he said.