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Illusions of equality and accountability at the UN

PA President Mahmoud Abbas' answer to the rhetorical imploration for international protection of Palestinians against Israel's latest extermination attempt of both people and resistance may be read in the misrepresentation uttered by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

In a brief statement published on the UN's website, the term "unsustainable situation" as opposed to murder and calls for "maximum restraint" should be read as blatant indicators of support for Israel's swift annihilation of Palestinian civilians. Rockets, according to Ban, are the primary concern.

"The Secretary-General condemns the recent multiple rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza. These indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas must stop."

On the other hand, "The Secretary-General is extremely concerned at the dangerous escalation of violence… The unsustainable situation in Gaza will also need to be addressed in its political, security, humanitarian and development dimensions as part of a comprehensive solution."

UN statements are compatible with the drivel spouted by Abbas, who is capable of almost simultaneously hailing security coordination and accusing Israel of genocide in order to placate any imagined audience. The sequence has, so far, been predictable. The constant fluctuations in Abbas' comments are reflected in the unyielding oblivion enforced internationally by the UN, which is presented with no formidable challenge denouncing the simplification of genocidal intent into a normalised "conflict between Israel and Hamas".

While acknowledging "Palestinian deaths", Ban fails to reference the atrocities which, according to the imperialist organisation, are of a lesser magnitude than the sirens announcing the imminence of Palestinian resistance to the settler population. The omission is imperative, primarily in order to uphold Israel's myth of defence and hence safeguard the continuation of the settler-colonial project endorsed by the UN. The resulting impunity provides the foundations upon which the UN can continue to release isolated and simple declarations with the intent of marginalising Palestinians' legitimate right to armed resistance.

The UN Security Council meeting, which is to be held today, has already been diluted by a statement from the Kuwaiti ambassador to the UN, as quoted by Maan News Agency. "I think it is about time the council issue a statement or resolution," indicating the certainty of yet another futile congregation of world leaders feigning concern and limiting support, if indeed any is offered, to vague declarations. Meanwhile, the precision strikes lauded by Israel and the international community have regaled the world with horrific images of exploded, mutilated bodies.

However, mainstream and Israeli media have ensured a blackout of such images in order to allow the propaganda consistency built upon images of rockets fired by the Palestinian resistance. The conveyed imagery upholds the international, verbal manipulation which now has an additional aim, that of isolating Gaza not only from the rest of Palestine, but also from the magnitude of Palestinian resistance that has shattered its geographical confines.

As reported by Maan, an unnamed Western diplomat expects the UN Security Council "to adopt a declaration condemning the rocket attacks on Israel while also asking restraint on both sides." Undoubtedly, the false premise will fester within the untouchable chambers hosting the epitomes of imperialist violence. Palestinian resistance, on the other hand constitutes a force which, fortunately, does not await legitimacy from the select audience attempting to invent yet another chapter within the illusion of equality and accountability that should be solely reserved for the settler-colonial, violent state.

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