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Kuwait hints at withdrawing nationality of opposition

July 15, 2014 at 1:36 pm

The Kuwaiti government hinted, in a statement yesterday, that it would withdraw nationalities from individuals who “practice activities” aimed at “undermining the state’s security and stability” which was considered by the Kuwaiti opposition a direct threat against its members who participant in rallies and activities to “fight corruption and call for reform”.

The Kuwaiti cabinet demanded the security services “confront any manifestations contrary to the legitimacy without complacency or inaction to maintain citizens’ security and safety and protect public and private properties and extend security and safety to all parts of the country.”

The statement demanded the Interior Ministry “take all necessary measures to guarantee the availability of the terms and requirements of citizenship and national belonging, contained in the provisions of the Kuwaiti nationality law No. 15 of 1959 in letter and spirit, particularly in relation to practices aimed at undermining security and stability.”

It went on to demand the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour “to confront any manifestations of departure from the objectives set by the law for non-profit organisations and their role as bodies which contribute to community awareness and development through non-political activities”. This is believed to be in reference to monitor the activities of Islamic societies, particularly the Social Reform Association which adopts the Muslim Brotherhood ideology. The association has been under government pressure to end its activities for “deviating from its licensed activities” as a “non-political and non-governmental organisation”.

Former opposition Member of Parliament Mubarak Al-Waalan said the government’s statement is “a blessing of the police state policy and security repression against the people who express any opinion contrary to the ruling power policy and to commit further repression.”

Meanwhile, MP Badr Al-Dahoum commented on the government’s statement saying: “Justice applies to everyone. Prosecute the corrupt and those who stole public money if you want the people to respect you, because injustice destroys nations.”