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Palestinian MP: Egyptian ceasefire initiative aims to save Israel from the mess it created in Gaza

Former Second Deputy Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Hassan Khreisheh said the Egyptian ceasefire initiative with its present terms aims "to save the Israeli occupation of its predicament in the Gaza Strip" and "to undermine the Palestinian resistance strategic achievements".

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Quds Press news website, Khreisheh said yesterday: "The Egyptian initiative corresponds with the American, Israeli as well as some Arab parties' positions who hoped that Israel would eliminate the Palestinian resistance in Gaza and its achievements and ability to penetrate deep into Israel to record victories for the first time in the history of Arab-Israeli conflict."

He said: "The parties who have adopted the Egyptian initiative were trying to undermine the Palestinians' sense of victory in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, in an attempt to thwart the unprecedented support for the resistance and the imposition of the Palestinian conditions on the Israeli occupation."

He pointed out that the Israeli crisis and state of confusion among the Israeli politicians led to this "propaganda" initiative being proposed, which has been drafted away from the resistance factions and their conditions.

Khreisheh urged Arabs and Palestinians to play larger roles and adopt the resistance terms while trying to draft any future ceasefire agreements and for them not to impose the Israeli and American terms on the resistance through initiatives which "serve the Israeli interests and save Netanyahu from the mess he created in Gaza".

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