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Egyptian TV presenter: The Israelis completely control the media in Egypt

July 22, 2014 at 4:29 pm

Egyptian television presenter Tawfiq Okasha, one of the loudest mouthpieces of the Egyptian regime and President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi, who led the military coup last July which saw the deaths of over 8,000 Egyptians, has spoken openly on television about his views on Israel. A video showing different clips of Okasha speaking about his views has been published on YouTube and Facebook.

Speaking as a guest on the political-commentary satellite channel Faraeen, of which he is the owner and principal anchor, Okasha spoke of controlling the people. He explained: “We create a people of weak minds so that from a distance, we can, by using the economy, control them to believe that it [their situation] is their fate, and they don’t have a choice.”

Okasha continued: “Who is it who created this philosophy, the philosophy of American media schools? It is the teachers of the Jewish media, upon whose hands I was taught.

“The children of Israel completely control the media in Egypt.” He said this fact is “official”. Okasha swore by God three times that this is a fact. It’s not only the media in Egypt Okasha continues, but in all Arab countries, giving the example of Saudi-owned satellite channel MBC.

In a clip from Okasha’s talk show on Faraeen channel, he claimed that he would be going to stand outside the American Embassy that week, after which he would be going to Israel. “I respect them and I respect their mentality. And by the way they respect me very, very, very much,” he said, telling the viewers: “Do you know why this is? Because when they train someone, and they see that that person has become successful, they respect them” referring to himself.

Another short clip from his talk show shows Okasha angry about Gaza, saying in the Egyptian dialect what translates to be: What are you talking about Gaza? Who cares? To hell with Gaza.

In another interview, Okasha was asked whether he would accept an invitation to be a guest on an Israeli channel, to which he affirmed in the positive, saying that of course he would like to relay his thoughts to the Israeli citizens.

In the same interview he was asked: “Do you acknowledge that the Jews have a right over the lands [of Palestine]?” to which he answered “Yes, of course”.