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US criticises UN decision to investigate human rights violations in Gaza

July 24, 2014 at 12:17 pm

The US said on Wednesday that the UN decision to investigate all violations committed during the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip is unfair and “one-sided”.

The United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva passed a resolution on Wednesday calling for sending an independent international mission of inquiry to investigate all possible violations against international law during the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip, to prepare a list of the abuses and crimes and to identify those responsible to stand trial.

The current Israeli war against the Gaza Strip has so far led to the killing of 725 Palestinians and the injuring of 4,519 more, the vast majority of them civilians, including many children.

Deputy spokesperson of the US State Department Marie Harf said at the daily press briefing in Washington that the UN decision is unfair “and one-sided. So we do strongly oppose today’s special session at the Human Rights Council and the resulting resolution as the latest in a series of biased, anti-Israel actions at the Human Rights Council.”

Harf claimed that: “No one’s looking here at Hamas rockets.” She affirmed to reporters that, “Look, we make clear – as we have said repeatedly, [the US] will stand up for Israel in the international community, even if it means standing alone, and I think you saw that today.”

To which one reporter responded with a follow-up question, asking: “But that doesn’t tell you anything, though, that you’re standing alone?” However, Harf declined to answer.