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Davutoglu: We support Hamas because it embraces the Palestinian cause

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has said that his government supports the positions of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, “because it embraces the Palestinian cause and struggles for its people.” In an interview with a local TV channel on Saturday, Davutoglu stressed that his government supports any organisation or individuals who serve the interests of Palestinians.

“Those who criticise Turkey’s support for Hamas are not aware of the balance of power in the Middle East,” he said. Hamas should not be discarded from any ceasefire efforts, he added. Excluding Hamas from discussions, he claimed, is the reason for the delay in reaching a ceasefire. “The will of Palestinians should not be ignored,” he insisted.

Stressing the importance of Egypt’s role in the Palestinian cause, the minister pointed out that the most essential party to any ceasefire agreement is the people of Palestine, including Hamas and other resistance groups.

“Hamas is not an authoritarian movement as some claim,” said Davutoglu. “There are diverse thoughts and opinions within Hamas, and it’s not controlled by one individual. It’s based on consultation.”

Furthermore, Davutoglu pointed out that Hamas is not an international movement, but rather a national resistance movement that struggles for the defence of its land against occupation. “There are no foreign fighters in Hamas,” he noted.

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