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Ghannouchi: Arab governments fund Israeli assaults on Gaza

August 2, 2014 at 2:34 pm

President of the Tunisian Nahda Movement Rashid Al-Ghannouchi said in a Friday sermon yesterday that the Israeli assault on Gaza exposed countries, parties, and organisations which were complicit in the aggression because of their silence.

He accused Arab countries, which he did not name, of funding the Israeli onslaught. He also accused the United Nations of “failure” to defend human rights which are being violated in Gaza.

“There is no room for neutrality in this war. You either support justice, or tyranny and occupation,” he said.

Ghannouchi referred to public opinion polls conducted in Western countries, pointing out that the majority of the world’s youth support the Palestinian cause.

“The Zionist media machine has not succeeded in mobilising international public opinion in its favour. Protests erupted everywhere in the world to support Gaza against the terrorism perpetrated by Israel,” he added.

Ghannouchi argued that the success of the resistance in Gaza is part of a series of successes in countering coups against the Arab Spring.

“The coup in Egypt was intended to extend to the entire Arab Spring region which chose a democratic path. But the national dialogue in Tunisia has aborted this attempt to nip the revolutions in the bud. Then Turkish elections came as the second episode in this series, while the success of the resistance in Gaza is the third.”

“The war on Gaza proved that the will of the human being is stronger than all technologies and lethal weapons,” he said, adding: “The homes demolished on their residents’ heads have not broken the will of the Palestinian people.”