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Hamas calls upon UN's head to apologise for Palestinians

The Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas called on Sunday for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to apologise to the Palestinians after the appalling Israeli massacre against civilians in Gaza.

Pls48.net news website quoted Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum as saying: “After the lies of the Israeli occupation about the kidnapping of the Israeli soldier were revealed,” referring to the false Israeli claim that Palestinian fighters had kidnapped an Israeli solider, “Ban Ki-moon has to officially apologise to the Palestinians and to blame Israel for the massacres committed against them.”

Barhoum added: “The UN has to place full responsibility on Israel for the massacre, as well as to support justice regarding the Palestinian demands.”

Ki-moon had blamed Hamas for the breakdown of the 72-hour ceasefire that should have taken effect at 8:00 am on Friday and took the Israeli narrative about the kidnapping of the Israeli soldier for granted, even calling for his immediate release.

However, Hamas’s military wing denied kidnapping the soldier. Later on, the Israeli occupation officially announced the death of the soldier, but only after killing more than 70 Palestinian civilians and wounding 350 others in the so hunt for the “kidnapped” soldier.


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