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Saudi scholars call for Muslims and Arabs to support Gaza

A number of Muslim scholars in Saudi Arabia have issued a lengthy statement calling for the Muslim and Arab nations to support the people of the Gaza Strip in the face of the daily Israeli aggression.

The scholars warned the governments in the region “not to be complicit with the Zionist enemy against the Muslims in Gaza.”

The statement, which was signed by more than 80 scholars, called for the immediate lifting of the blockade on the Strip and considered retention of the blockade an “oppressive act and its perpetrator is complicit with the enemy fighting the Ummah”.

The statement also hailed the Palestinian fighters’ resilience, sacrifice and patience. The scholars called upon the fighters to stand as one body against the “corrupted people who wanted to disintegrate the body of the fighters”.

In addition, the scholars called for the political wing of the resistance to persist on the demands of the Palestinians and not to surrender to internal and external pressure.

About the benefits of the war on Gaza, the scholars said: “This war has made clear the difference between the Arab Zionists and the true loyal Arabs. It also disclosed the racism of the West.”

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