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Experts: Israel is prolonging political stalemate to cover its military defeat

Palestinian experts interpret Israel's political intransigence as an attempt to cover up its military defeat before resistance forces in Gaza.

In a report by the Anadolu news agency, Palestinian writer Ibrahim Al-Madhoun said Israel is prolonging negotiations and circumventing Palestinian demands to lift the siege "in order to cover up the military victory achieved by Hamas". He added that Israel "seeks to exhaust the Palestinians politically, after it failed to defeat them militarily."

Hamas, however, has been very clear and affirmed it would pull out of negotiations if the demands of Palestinians were not met, he said.

Al-Madhoun added that the speech by Al-Qassam spokesperson Abu Obaida yesterday indicated that the Palestinian people have "authorised the resistance" to fight for their rights.

"Israel believes that prolonging the ceasefire would allow the Palestinian people to witness the scale of the damage caused by Israeli assaults, which would then lead them to give up on the resistance. But this is impossible," he said.

He added that Hamas realises the purpose of Israel seeking to extend the ceasefire, namely to undermine any achievements by Palestinian factions. Hamas, he says, will not accept a ceasefire extension unless there is unanimous agreement among other Palestinian factions in this regard.

Political science professor in Gaza Dr Hani Al-Bassos reiterated the above, saying that prolonging negotiations will have a negative impact on the Palestinians.

"Israeli procrastination aims at spreading despair and frustration among Palestinians, and to exhaust the Palestinian negotiators by constant political manoeuvring," Al-Bassos said.

Similarly, the chairman of the Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdou, said: "Israel is working to reach a long-term ceasefire agreement through which it would continue subjugating the Palestinians in Gaza without allowing them to claim any genuine achievement on the ground.

"The Palestinians are aware that any solutions which depends on the occupation and its tools and do not guarantee the sustainable development of the Palestinian economy, keeping it hostage to the whims of Israelis, will not serve the interests of Palestinians."

He pointed out that Al-Qassam Brigades confirmed yesterday evening the need to approve the establishment of a seaport in Gaza, realising that any other solution which perpetuates Israeli control will not bring about economic development or a decent life for Palestinians.

"Establishing a seaport or a waterway means Palestinians will break free of Israeli control," Abdou said.

A three-day Egypt-mediated ceasefire in Gaza came to an end on Friday morning.


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