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Muslim Brotherhood calls for supporting Palestinian resistance in Gaza

August 8, 2014 at 2:10 pm

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood called on Arab and Muslim nations to pressure their governments to carry out their role in supporting the inalienable rights of Palestinians, a statement by the group said yesterday.

The statement also called on Arab and Muslim nations to support the “heroic resistance” of Gaza, “the forefront of the liberation of all Palestine”.

The group urged Arabs and Muslims to “renew their awareness” regarding the Palestinian cause and its “legitimate tenets and historical rights”. It also warned them of “misinformation” carried out by Zionists.

Referring to the oil embargo imposed by Arab countries against the US and Europe in the 1973 war, which led to Egypt’s victory in this battle, the statement said: “This is the natural position to take in supporting Palestinian heroes, who proved that defeating the Zionists is possible, and all the more viable when the nation is united.”