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What took place between Kerry and Netanyahu in the 'call that was interrupted'?

August 8, 2014 at 2:35 pm

After less than two weeks since the US Secretary of State John Kerry’s slip of the tongue in which he sarcastically questioned Israeli claims about the accuracy of the offensive in the Gaza Strip, Washington announced that the interruption in the phone call between Kerry and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu occurred due to “technical reasons”.

The Palestinian newspaper, Al-Jarida, reported from a source in Jerusalem that Kerry hung up on Netanyahu after the latter raised his voice and screamed during the last conversation that took place on July 30 when the two spoke about a ceasefire brokered by Egypt.

The source said: “The call began with a briefing by Netanyahu to Kerry about the substance of the Egyptian initiative. When Kerry said that he contacted the Emir of Qatar in order to impose the agreement because Hamas does not trust Egypt, Netanyahu responded: ‘Why are you trying to involve Doha by force? You know the Egyptian attitude towards them!'”

According to the source Netanyahu added: “I think Egypt is strong enough to impose conditions on Hamas, and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire without conditions.”

The source continued: “Kerry responded to Netanyahu saying: ‘There is no doubt that Qatar must be a partner, as must Turkey also. They are our allies in the region.’ Netanyahu interrupted angrily: ‘These allies have deceived you more than once in the announcement of a truce. Add to that Qatar supporting terrorism, and you know it, just read your intelligence reports!’ Kerry said: ‘There are things that go beyond that,’ to which Netanyahu responded: ‘You mean you are trying to disable the Egyptian initiative and hit Al-Sisi at our expense?’ Kerry answered: ‘No….things are different.’ Kerry was interrupted by Netanyahu again saying: ‘Since the first days of the war, you have been hampering the Egyptian initiative, and look what’s happened!'” The source said: “This is when Kerry hung up.”

Israeli sources said a trip is being arranged for Netanyahu to visit the White House in September to “mend fences” after the tension between the current administration and officials in Tel Aviv.