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Hamas asks Cairo to respond to Israeli partnership remarks

Palestinian Islamic Movement Hamas called on Cairo on Friday evening to respond to Israeli remarks about an "Israeli-Egyptian partnership" which has increased Palestinian suffering in Gaza.

Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni announced on Friday a proposal for a diplomatic ceasefire. But she said that "all military options, from my point of view, are back on the table since Hamas has resumed fire."

She was also reported by Israeli media saying that there is an Israeli-Egyptian agreement on tightening the grip on Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Responding to her, Hamas spokesman Sami abu-Zuhri described the remarks as "dirty" and called for Cairo to issue a comment on them. "These remarks need an Egyptian response," he said in a written statement distributed to journalists.

Egypt is brokering ceasefire efforts between the Palestinians and the Israeli occupation. Many analysts said that Egypt has surpassed the role of broker and become a representative for the Israeli occupation.

Several days after the start of the Israeli war on Gaza, Egypt presented a ceasefire initiative that did not include lifting the eight-year old siege imposed on Gaza, which is a main demand of the Palestinian fighters. It is also keeping the only Gaza window to the world, Rafah Crossing, closed.


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