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Hamas official: we have tapes that expose the Israeli army

A senior foreign affairs official in Hamas, Osama Hamdan, vowed that Gaza resistance fighters will cross into Israel in the next round of fighting and that his movement has videos which expose the losses suffered by the Israeli army.

In his speech during the fourth assembly of the Tawhid and Islah Movement in the Moroccan capital Rabat, Hamdan said the balance of powers on the ground has changed, and that the resistance is now capable of fighting Israeli soldiers on Israeli soil.

He added that the support of the Muslim nation to the resistance in Gaza has contributed to its achievements.

"Despite the betrayal of some Arab states, the resistance was able to make significant achievements and to inflict heavy losses on the Israeli army," he said.

He confirmed that the Palestinian delegation in Cairo is united and consists of all factions, which is "unprecedented".

He pointed out that the continued Israeli onslaught on Gaza aims at undermining the "Palestinian national project" and dashing the hopes of liberating Palestine.

"The battle fought by the resistance in Gaza has proved that resistance is the only way to liberating Jerusalem," he said.

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