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The First Communique of the Popular Resistance Movement

August 15, 2014 at 2:27 pm

The first statement of a new youth anti-coup resistance group was released yesterday on the memory of the first anniversary of the Rabaa massacre. The group is formed of a wide spectrum of Egyptians, including Islamists, liberals and individuals. It has been quiet for months, working secretly, until they formed a unity movement under the banner of resistance and jihad. The first statement was delivered by an unnamed young man whose face was not shown, dressed in a black jacket and gloves, in an obvious attempt to hide his identity.

The statement delivered narrates as follows:

Since the situation is getting worse, and since injustice, darkness and destruction is widespread, and in the shadow of the absence of retribution against the murderers of the freedom revolutionaries since January 25 until today, we the men, the men of Egypt, have decided to confront the stubborn Mubarak regime with all we possess of popular support and with all advanced methods.

It may raise eyebrows that our first communique is released on the first anniversary of the storming of the Rabaa and Al-Nahda sit-ins. To prevent our lousy media from jumping to all sorts of conclusions, we would like to say the following:

This entity, which we are launching today officially under the name of The Popular Resistance Movement – Egypt, is the fruit of several months of effort, prior to any anniversary that saw the start of our resistance against the despotic military rule in Egypt. This was the outcome of knowing that two revolutions have not been sufficient to bring about change. The first was disrupted while the other was aborted. A counterrevolution was superimposed. We knew we had to sacrifice more blood in order to earn a decent living and we had to ride on more thorns in order to enjoy freedom, and we had to pay a big price in order to gain social justice.

Proclaiming this new resistance entity is a purely Egyptian desire to unite the efforts of Egyptians who are resisting across the country for one principal objective and using similar methods and various decentralised entities.

O free resistance men

Your movement, the Popular Resistance Movement – Egypt, conveys to you in its first communique the good news of the coming together of several groups that engage in deterring the military in the Cairo Governorate. They have united under the name of: Martyr Muhammad Helmi Groups – Cairo. We promise to keep you updated through new communiques to tell you the good news soon from all governorates, God-willing. The first news comes today of a quality operation executed by the Popular Resistance Movement – Egypt.

O people

We fear Allah and we shall not seek to incur his wrath. We proceed confidently ahead with what we have of the painful tools of popular resistance, tools that will strip the murderers who have taken control of the destiny of the nation of the tools of murder and will deny them sleep, comfort and happiness, and will deny them the false victories they delude each other about.

We shall not remain silent regarding the murder weapons they use to slit the throats of our people nor shall we remain indifferent regarding the hunger they have imposed on all of us while the murderers lavish in their palaces and castles hiding from us behind their guards.

Whoever from among the thugs stays inside his home, he is safe; whoever from among the military dogs stays in his palace, he is safe; and whoever attacks, let him then blame none but himself.

We shall seek to do the impossible until the demands of this generation are met. We shall pay willingly with our blood until we crush the lackeys of Israel. Retribution for the martyrs is our right, and we shall eventually attain it. So long as people seek their rights, their rights will not be lost.

Allah …. Martyrdom ….. Revolution

The Command Group

Martyr Muhammad Helmi Groups – Cairo