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Israeli soldiers: 'We became ducks in Al-Qassam shooting field'

Israeli soldiers described the situation under Al-Qassam fire in the Gaza village of Al-Atatreh similar to that of “ducks” in a “shooting field”.

Channel 2 reported a soldier, from an elite unit in the Israeli army, saying that humanitarian lulls during the ground invasion were not in favour of the army.

According to the soldiers’ accounts, the Al-Qassam fighters exploited the lull to reposition themselves and “we became ducks in Al-Qassam shooting field”.

One of the soldiers said that they were most afraid of the mortars, “which showered them like rain”. He also said that planes used to come late to attack the militias’ positions when the ground forces failed to stop the Al-Qassam fire.

The soldiers said that they were told they would be replaced after a week of fighting. When they were on their way out of Gaza they called for the air force to cover their withdrawal but they refused. Thus, they came under a barrage of mortar missiles and five were wounded.

One of the soldiers said that it was a miracle that no one was killed in that incident. However, the negligence caused many soldiers psychological damage.


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