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Hamas: Israel imposes war on us again

The Palestinian Islamic resistance movement Hamas said that Israel has once again imposed war on the Palestinians after the failure of the ceasefire talks taking place in Cairo.

Anadolu news agency quoted Hamas’s senior leader, Izzat Al-Reshiq, as saying: “We have no choice but facing Israel to achieve victory.”

The Palestinian delegation to the ceasefire talks left Cairo on Wednesday morning after the talks collapsed on Tuesday evening, when Israel recalled its delegation.

Israel claims that rockets were launched from Gaza towards Israel, which is why it ended the ceasefire talks. However, the Palestinian fighters denied authorising any rockets being launched.

In the wake of these claims, Israeli warplanes resumed attacking the Gaza Strip, striking several different locations and killing 12 more Palestinians.

After more than a week of talks brokered by Egypt between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, made possible by four temporary truce agreements, a permanent ceasefire could not be reached.

The Palestinian demands are lifting the siege of Gaza and stopping the continued Israeli aggression, but the Israelis are calling for the disarming of the Palestinian resistance fighters.


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