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Saudi prince robbed in France was Abdul-Aziz Bin Fahd

French police sources said that the Saudi prince, who was robbed on Monday, was Abdul-Aziz Bin Fahd, known as “playful”.

The prince is the youngest son of the late Saudi King Fahd Bin Abdul-Aziz, who passed away in August 2005. On Sunday night, a group of between five and eight armed thieves stopped his convoy, which consisted of 10 cars, and stole €250,000 in addition to documents.

Initial probes indicated that one of the armed thieves could be very close to the prince.

A source close to the investigations said: “Surely, there are people close to the prince who must be complicit with the thieves in order to know all details. This is clear. They chose the site of the incident after deliberate study.”

The convoy of the prince left George V Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels in France owned by the Saudi billionaire Walid Bin Talal, and headed to Le Bourget Airport, 15 kilometres north of Paris.

The Saudi embassy in Paris said that the car, which was stolen, did not belong to it.


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