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US to form regional alliance to counter IS threat

The US is seeking to form a regional alliance to fight the Islamic State (IS), the Anadolu news agency reported.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said yesterday during the daily press briefing: "It's a concern that many countries in the region have about the threat that is not just facing Iraq, but facing the entire region. And that's why you've seen and we're finding that many countries are engaged with and have an interest in participating in a regional effort to address this fight."

Psaki said that the US has taken steps aimed at drying IS sources to recruit foreign fighters, including the appointment of Ambassador Robert Bradtke in March as senior adviser for partner engagement on Syria foreign fighters. "Since then, Ambassador Bradtke has led a comprehensive effort, including marshalling representatives from a number of US departments and agencies, to encourage key European, North African, and Middle Eastern partners to prioritise the threat, address vulnerabilities, and adapt to – and prevent foreign fighters," she said.

Meanwhile, turbulence prevails in the areas in northern and western Iraq after the Islamic State and Sunni insurgents allied with it controlled large parts in the Nineveh province on June 10 after the Iraqi army withdrew from them without resistance leaving large quantities of weapons and gear.

The same scenario repeated itself in the provinces of Salahuddin, Kirkuk and Ta'meem, Diyala, and Anbar.

Iraqi forces, backed by armed militias and the Peshmerga forces, were able to expel the organisation's militants and regain control of several towns and cities after fierce battles during the past few weeks.

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