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Haftar threatens to shell ships entering the port of Benghazi

Libyan renegade retired general Khalifa Haftar yesterday threatened to shell any ship that enters the port of Benghazi if the harbour’s management does not respond to his demands and close it immediately.

Haftar accused earlier rival factions of using the port to arm themselves.

A spokesman of Haftar’s brigades, Muhammad Hijazi, told the Anadolu news agency correspondent: “referring to the army leadership’s decision to close the port of Benghazi, we advise the port’s management to redirect incoming ships to the port city of Tobruk.”

Hijazi said: “The management of the Benghazi port was informed earlier this month that it is not allowed to permit any ship in, except for oil tankers,” adding “we renew this warning today and, in case of violations, our force’s airplanes will pound ships entering the port.”

The Benghazi Shura Council forces, the general’s main rival militias have been controlling the port of Benghazi since June 26 following fierce clashes with Haftar’s brigades led to the killing of four people and wounding 17 more.

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