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Libyan rebels sign cooperation agreement with Egypt

The Libyan National Army’s renegade general Khalifa Haftar signed a strategic and military cooperation agreement with the Egyptian government, leaked secret documents revealed.

Al-Jazeera, which reported the news, said that the documents stipulate mutual use of each other’s airspace for military purposes and include the exchange of ground military support.

The documents entitled “Joint military and strategic cooperation agreement between Egypt and the state of Libya” refer to the state of Libya which is based in Tobruk and headed by the government of Abdullah Al-Thinni and the military wing of Khalifa Haftar. This government controls less than 10 per cent of the total area of Libya.

The agreement, which was signed on September 4, lasts for five renewable years and it opens the door for any third party to join.

It stipulates that should either party face any threat or aggression, the other can take all needed measures, including the use of military force to help.

Both sides, the agreement said, have to jointly prepare defence means needed to face any armed attack, as well as to form a permanent joint military committee to oversee the implementation of the agreement’s terms.

In addition, both sides agreed not to join any international deals or promote international relations which contradict the interests of the other.

Bpoth parties also agreed not to prosecute any military personnel from the source country if they commit any violations. In such a case, the military personnel would be sent to his country for prosecution.

They would also be unable to seek compensation from the other party for harming civilians, including causing death.

This document was revealed at a time when the Egyptian coup regime denied interference in the Libyan issue.


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