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Iranian army official: Our ground troops are prepared and cannot be surprised

Islamic State (ISIS) is a product of American strategy, fighting on behalf of America in their war in the region, the Iranian Army’s Ground Forces Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan said.

In an exclusive interview with Alalam News Network, Pourdastan noted that one of the most important duties carried out by the Iranian Armed Forces is monitoring the threats on the borders, as well as on the regional and international level.

He also added that the security experts in the Islamic Republic analyse these actions and movements, and then appropriate defence mechanisms are planned to suit the threats within the Armed Forces structure on the ground, navy, and air forces. He said that Tehran possesses the strongest ground force in the region.

The military official also said: “By the grace of God, our armed forces are highly prepared to address and confront such threats.”

He pointed out that “the armed forces themselves have a creative and innovative cadre capable of designing and manufacturing the equipment and arms we envisage.”

Pourdastan also mentioned that the tactics and strategies used during unbalanced battles or used by terrorist gangs in the area have been recognised and established and are being used as planned.

He added that due to continuous monitoring, “we will not be taken by surprise. If we see any indications of a threat, it will be addressed in the least amount of time possible.”

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