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Egypt announces details on Donors Conference for rebuilding Gaza

The Egyptian foreign ministry has announced information about a Donors Conference devoted to rebuilding the Gaza Strip, which is to take place in Cairo on Sunday.

“The aim of this conference, which is hosted by Egypt in partnership with Palestine and Norway, is to raise funds needed to rebuild the war-battered Gaza Strip,” a statement for the ministry said.

The statement also stressed that any political and economic support to be pledged at this conference has to consolidate the ceasefire in the Strip in order to achieve stability and consider the rebuilding of the Strip as fast as possible.

In addition, the statement called for the implementation of the UN Security Council’s resolution 1,860 and the Cairo understandings about the ceasefire, as well as lifting the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip.

Around 50 countries will be represented in Cairo for talks that will include UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, US Secretary of State John Kerry, 30 foreign ministers and various international monetary and humanitarian bodies.

The Palestinians have called for more than $4bn in aid, and the Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA for $1.6bn. Other estimates suggest up to $8bn will be needed to repair damaged infrastructure and homes and ensure healthcare, education and clean drinking water.

Regarding the situation in the Gaza Strip, the conference would reinforce the role of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the Gaza Strip and UN mechanisms for importing and exporting goods to and from the Strip.

The IMF and the PA are to present the requirements to rebuild the Strip during the coming five years, and will ask the participating countries to announce their financial pledges for reconstruction.

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