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France's invitation to the Palestinian unity government

Financial pledges from the international community to aid Gaza’s reconstruction were not the only outcome of the donor conference held recently in Cairo. Following PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ overture last September, in which imperialist aligned countries were asked to support recognition of a Palestinian state based upon the 1967 borders, the Palestinian unity government is expected to visit France at the beginning of 2015.

According to the Times of Israel, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and Abbas agreed upon the meeting during the conference, with Fabius stating that France supported the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation. Additionally, further interference was alluded to, as Fabius declared “the international community should be involved in future negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel, and that the community should chaperone the talks in order to ensure positive results”.

The 1967 borders have become entrenched within political discourse as a non-negotiable departure rhetoric point, to be manipulated later into support for completion of Zionist colonialism in Palestine. Alleged European support for the Palestinian unity government has also centred upon this premise, namely the willingness of Palestinian factions to compromise upon the liberation of the entire territory. The unity government has consolidated what had been apparent previously – the mellowing of resistance, including that previously articulated by Hamas, into a political negotiation separating the leadership from the people. The forthcoming visit to France is an extension of collaboration with a country that has pledged its support to imperialist violence – the most recent being French President Francois Hollande’s support of “Protective Edge” and stance in favour of Gaza’s demilitarisation.

Apart from a few futile instances of contradiction, Hollande portrayed his support of Israel’s colonial massacre effectively. “Israel has the right to security; Israel can defend itself if it is attacked; but at the same time Israel should show restraint.”

If the visit materialises, the Palestinian unity government will be hosted by one of Israel’s top allies which have advocated for colonial violence based upon the false pretexts perpetrated by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to Haaretz, among the proposals brought forth by Hollande in the aftermath of “Protective Edge” was the international supervision of tunnel destruction – effectively calling for foreign intervention against the right of Palestinian resistance against colonialism, following which the responsibility of Gaza’s reconstruction would be given to the PA.

The continuation of oppression can hardly be missed – the difference being that the Palestinian unity government seems to be embarking upon a series of decisions that will ultimately lead to rapid acquiescing to imperialist demands. Rather than assert autonomy, the Palestinian political representation will extend the possibilities of colonisation through its acceptance of external impositions, reflected in the parallels evoked earlier by Hollande during Israel’s bombardment of Gaza and, more recently, in the adamant inclusion of the international community as an indispensable component restricting resistance in favour of diplomatic engagement. Portrayed as a symbol of inclusion and progress, the diplomatic visit to a country that has proven its hostility towards Palestinian liberation reflects the subjugation upon which the entity was formed – unity divested of the only force that can restore Palestine to its indigenous population.

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