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Tunisia's Ennahda calls for demonstrations against Israeli attacks on Al-Aqsa

November 12, 2014 at 2:45 pm

Tunisia’s Ennahda has called for demonstrations on Friday in protest against the Israeli attacks on Palestinians.

In to a statement issued yesterday and signed by the party’s leader Rached Al-Ghannouchi, the group said: “Ennahda calls on the Tunisian people and all Tunisian political and civil forces to demonstrate in the main street of the capital on Friday November 14, after Friday prayers, to denounce the Zionist attacks and to express the Tunisian men and women’s support for our brothers in Palestine.”

Adding: “The Zionist occupation forces continue to escalate their attacks on the Palestinians in Jerusalem and inside the Green Line, and they also continue their campaigns to storm Al-Aqsa Mosque in an attempt to completely takeover the city of Jerusalem, Judaise it, and erase its character and history.”

“The Israeli government is working – through new Judaisation projects, blockading Gaza, killing and arresting Palestinians, as well as confiscating their homes and property – to take advantage of the current troubles of the Arabs and Palestinians as well as the international preoccupation with the issue of terrorism, in order to pre-empt Palestinian reconciliation and to impose a new reality on the ground.”

Ennahda denounced “the crimes of killings, arrests and Judaisation” that are being committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.

The movement called for the protection of Jerusalemites and Palestinian from the “arrogance and aggressions of the occupation”, and for the materialisation of a strong Arab and Muslim world in support of our brothers in Jerusalem and Palestine through the political, diplomatic and civil organisations and forces.

It also called for the lifting of the siege on Gaza, accelerating the reconstruction and ending the injustice suffered by its people, pointing to the Palestinians’ need to continue along the path of reconciliation, particularly between Fatah and Hamas, as a precondition to achieving the desired national unity.