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OIC calls on Security Council to end Israel’s occupation of Palestine

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation held an emergency meeting of the Quds Contact Group on Wednesday in the Moroccan capital of Rabat, during which the group urged the UN Security Council to issue a resolution that would put an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestine within a specific time frame and in line with the already established international agreements, Alamat Online news reported.

The OIC also stressed the need to collectively realise the political will of the 1949 Geneva Convention and to exert pressure to ensure that its framework is implemented in Palestine.

Additionally, the OIC called for the intensification of the UN Secretary General’s efforts to implement the resolutions of the UN and its bodies regarding Palestine and asked for international protection of the Palestinian people in all of the occupied territories.

Alamat Online quoted a statement issued by the OIC’s Secretary General, Eyad Amin Madani, as further noting that: “The permanent members of the UN Security Council bear the political, legal and moral responsibility for facing Israel’s policies that violate – on a daily basis – what has been agreed upon by the civilised world and the international community, including the legitimate norms, values, ideals, principles and laws.”

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