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Three elderly Palestinians live in Ajami Park to protest against their eviction

November 28, 2014 at 5:27 pm

Three older members of the Abu Al-Ayoun family have been living in a tent for the past seven months in the Ajami Central Park in Jaffa in protest of their forced eviction from their home on Ha’ Dolfin Street in the Ajami neighbourhood 10 years ago.

The youngest of the group, a 75-year-old woman told Arabs48 that the Israeli government created false papers in order to expel her from her home in Ajami.

The family then moved from one rented house to another since their forced eviction but have had to deal with provocations from various homeowners and have been forced to move into smaller spaces due to the city’s housing crisis. The family has since relocated to a tent in the Ajami Central Park and have filed a lawsuit against the housing corporation that wronged them a decade ago.

The elderly woman has taken to camping in the cold weather and she insists that she will not leave her tent unless she is returned to the house that was seized from her. She refused donations and called upon Jaffa city officials to see to it that her trial takes place so she may live out her life in dignity.

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