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A gang is ruling Egypt!

Dangerous leaks from the Egyptian army leaders have revealed the extent to which the legitimately elected President Mohamed Morsi was conspired against. These leaks also exposed the falsification of official documents used to fabricate accusations against Dr Morsi after he was kidnapped from the Presidential Palace while working on the affairs of the state and the people. The people ruling Egypt are nothing but a gang of scam artists and corrupt individuals who have kidnapped Egypt.

Rather than this gang, made up of army leaders, coming together in order to develop strategic plans to protect Egypt’s borders from any looming external threats, they are gathering to discuss lies about the whereabouts of Morsi and to falsify documents in order to appear legal to the world after receiving a phone call from the Attorney General who expressed his anger that the case against Morsi was going to fail when presented to court. He is also worried that he would find himself in the streets when the world finds out that Morsi was not held in the Ministry of Interior’s prisons, as required by law, but rather in military barracks on a naval base.

Therefore, the military gang immediately gathered to find a solution and a way out of this catastrophe, no matter what the cost, they said. They decided to falsify, forge, and manipulate documents and the building, dividing it with a gate and fence in order to look like an interior ministry prison. They even made an agreement with the interior minister to submit an old order of arrest that must be backdated to the day Morsi was detained in the naval base. They also arranged the place so as it looked like a 100-year-old ministry of interior prison, making sure they had old cars and newspapers; everything they needed.

They planned and conspired in their meeting and thought that they were alone; they forgot that God was watching them and would expose them, even if it was later. God ultimately exposed their scheme and they were struck with a state of panic, driving them to have confused reactions. After they first ignored these leaks, the Attorney General, who was an accessory to the crime, made a statement claiming that the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood had fabricated this recording using advanced technology. He vowed to punish those who carried out this act and threatened all those who published or spoke about the leaks.

He made this statement before he even examined the recordings and proved the fabrication, but this is what has become of justice in Egypt, after the emergence of this “honourable” judiciary that issues its rulings before investigating, or after speaking to the leader of the coup gang.

This was followed by the coup media’s justifications of their crime under the pretext of the higher interests of the country. We are facing a dishonourable judiciary, media, army, and police; Egypt is being governed by a dishonourable and corrupt gang. What future awaits Egypt and its people in light of this dishonourable gang?

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