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Moroccan PM: Our foreign minister's stance on the Paris march is a source of pride

Moroccan Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane praised the country's foreign minister for his absence from the march that was held in Paris on Sunday. The Moroccan foreign minister offered condolences to the French president without attending the event.

Benkeriane praised Salahuddin Mizwar's stance on the march that was held in support of freedom of expression amid the events that took place in the Charlie Hebdo magazine's offices.

"This stance is a source of pride for Morocco," Benkirane said. "While the foreign minister visited France to offer condolences and express solidarity in support of the freedom of expression, the foreign minister of the Emir of Believers [Moroccan King Mohamed VI] refrained from taking part in a protest where slogans and pictures that insult Prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him, were raised," he said.

"We want to stress that we fulfilled our duty, nothing more or less."

"The whole world must remember that Morocco is an honourable country," he added. "This is a state that was founded on the Islamic religion and on the love for the Prophet."

"God has helped us preserve our independence for more than 12 centuries."

Twelve people, including a policeman and eight journalists, were killed and 11 others injured on 7 January, in an attack that targeted the Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly magazine. The attack on Charlie Hebdo was followed by more attacks where five people were killed, in addition to the death of the three people suspected of taking part in the attacks.

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