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Ali Benhadj calls for early elections to resolve Algerian crisis

The Vice-President of Algeria’s Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) Ali Benhadj called for early presidential election as a first step towards solving the country’s political crisis.

During an exclusive interview with the Anadolu Agency, Benhadj said early presidential elections are unavoidable and that those around the president and in charge of taking decisions on his behalf must understand that the longer they wait, the more dangerous it will be.

“There is no doubt that early elections are the way to transfer power by involving everyone from the authority and the opposition, including the FIS,” Benhaji said.

“The country’s deteriorating crisis and the president’s health have caused conflicts felt by everyone.”

In April, Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika suffered a stroke and was transferred to Paris for treatment. After returning to the country in July, Bouteflika exercised his duties in the form of written letters and resolutions as well as meetings with senior government officials or foreign guests without making public appearances.

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