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#AskHamas campaign launched against ‘terrorist’ label

Hamas has launched a one-week social media campaign under the hashtag #AskHamas to raise support against its “terrorist” label. The move has been made given the imminent deadline for appeals against an EU court ruling that the movement should be taken off the EU’s list of “terrorist organisations”.

The campaign will launch via media outlets and social media, said Hamas media advisor Taher Al-Nounou. It will be directed at a Western audience and aims to convey a message about the movement’s ideas and stances on many issues of concern.

“The campaign is aimed at rejecting the labelling of the Palestinian resistance movement as ‘terrorists’,” said Al-Nounou during a media workshop in Gaza on Thursday. The theme of the event was “Cultural cleansing: modulating the history and heritage of Palestine”.

According to Al-Nounou, the campaign will be based primarily on social media websites. “It will take the form of questions and answers, as evidenced by the title #AskHamas, in order for the truth to reach the widest segment of ordinary Western people,” he explained. “They show remarkable solidarity with the Palestine Cause.”

The campaign will include a number of programmes and events containing direct meetings via social networking sites between the public and leading figures in the movement. He called on social media activists to support this campaign.

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