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Tunisia's Ennahda criticises Egyptian death sentences

Tunisia's Ennahda Party has called on Egypt to cancel the death sentences against opponents of the regime in Cairo, including members and officials of the Muslim Brotherhood, Quds Press reported on Monday.

The Supreme Guide of the Brotherhood and 14 of his colleagues were sentenced to death last week; 37 others were given life sentences. All were accused of destabilising the country and planning to carry out anti-state attacks.

Ennahda described the sentences as "unjust" and "a misuse of the Egyptian judiciary against political opponents." Such sentences, added the party in a statement, undermine the chances for dialogue and reconciliation among Egypt's political factions.

The Tunisian Islamists led the first post-revolution government during the country's transitional period without excluding any of its political opponents or carrying out any purge such as is being seen in Egypt. "The future of Egypt can only be built through a national dialogue," it insisted. "All parties must be involved on the basis of agreement, coexistence and democratic reconciliation."

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