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Turabi launches Islamic initiative for reconciliation in Yemen and Egypt

April 23, 2015 at 8:36 am

Sudan’s Popular Congress Party led by Hassan Al-Turabi intends to launch an initiative in collaboration with regional countries to solve the Yemeni crisis, a senior party member revealed.

The party’s Deputy Secretary-General Ibrahim Al-Sanousi told Quds Press that while his party supports the Saudi-led military offensive in Yemen, it has been planning to launch an initiative “to reconcile warring parties in Yemen and bring together the views of concerned countries”.

“The Popular Congress Party has a long-standing relationship with various parties involved in the conflict in Yemen as well as with Gulf States and Iran, and we believe that a reconciliation initiative from a religious perspective does not contradict any prospective political agreement between the concerned parties,” he said.

The party will work to convince Turkey and Pakistan of their influential role in leading the initiative, Al-Sanousi said.

Adding that the “reconciliation initiative will include Egypt with whom we have close ties” because Sudan is influenced by developments there.