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No food, water or treatment in Yarmouk

The Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk, in the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus, has been suffering severe shortage of food, water, medicine, electricity and communications for around two years.

Recently, Syrian regime forces bombed hospitals and clinics in the camp and have been preventing the wounded from leaving the camp for urgent medical treatment.

Unnamed sources told that the PLO delegations that recently visited Damascus in a bid to solve the problems in the camp made no significant impact on living conditions. It did not even offer any aid to the refugees.

The sources reiterated that food aid is still banned from entering the camp, and when food is allowed, each family is only entitled to one food parcel, no matter how many people in the family. In addition, there is no water in the camp, they added.

Regarding the wounded, the sources told Arab48 that the regime prevents patients from leaving the camp for treatment. They say that there are many wounded patients in an urgent need of treatment who have not received adequate medical attention in the camp.

Arab48 called on the PLO, the nominal representative body for Palestinians, not to adopt the position of the regime which has besieged and bombed them.

Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk are in a state where they do not know what exactly the regime needs them to do. “We are prevented from leaving the Camp and no food aids are allowed into the camp,” the sources told Arab48.

“The world remains silent towards the camp,” they said, “this makes us lose hope.”

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