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Iran: Zionist occupation source of regional crises

Iran renewed on Friday its support for the Palestinian cause and called on the Islamic nations and states to be “wary” about “Zionist conspiracies” aiming to segregate the Islamic nation in order to forget Palestine.

In a statement for the Iranian foreign ministry issued on Friday, 67th anniversary of Palestinians’ Nakba, Iran said: “Since the establishment of this Zionist outcast entity on the heart of the usurped Islamic land, Palestine, we have been witnesses an increase of the ordeals of the oppressed Palestinians and the other nations in the region.”

“Zionist occupation, which has been carrying out crimes against the unarmed Palestinians during the past 67 years, is the source of regional crises, as well as the real source of threat for the real security and peace in the whole world,” the statement said, “this is clear in the current regional crises.”

The statement reiterated that the ordeals of the Palestinians, about 6 millions of whom are displaced and thousands currently imprisoned, could not be ended unless when all of those displaced return home and those imprisoned are released.

It added that this needs the end of the occupation and entitling the Palestinians to decide their future and establishing their state with all parts of united Jerusalem as its capital.

“The whole Middle East, starting from Palestine and passing with Syrian and Yemen is being burnt because of the Zionists and the terrorist takfirists, who are being supported by the Israeli occupation and its allies,” the statement claimed.

Concluding the comment, the statement said that the silence of the international community us towards the Israeli practices [against the Palestinians] is “not justified.”

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