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Iraqi official: ISIS controls 90% of Al-Anbar

Member of Al-Anbar Council, Taha abdul-Ghani said on Friday that ISIS had controlled 90 per cent of the governorate, located in the west of the country, Anadolu reported.

"ISIS made a big progress in Al-Ramadi, the centre of the governorate," Abdul-Ghani said. "ISIS controlled parts of the governorate in the past, but now, it controls 90 per cent of it."

He said that the government's security services controls a number of facilities, including stadium, police station and anti-terror police centre. "All the area the government's security is controlling now does not exceed 10 per cent," he said.

Despite the loss of many cities and areas it controlled last year in the north and the east of the country, ISIS is trying to complete its grip over the whole areas under the control of the government, mainly Al-Ramadi.

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