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Jordanian MP: Amman’s relations with Hamas are wrong

Jordan’s policy towards Hamas is wrong, MP Hind Al-Fayez said, calling for political channels to be opened between Amman and Hamas, Palestinian newspaper Al-Resalah reported on Saturday.

Al-Fayez, who is a member of Palestinian Committee in the Jordanian Parliament, said: “Believing that what was usurped by force would not be returned except by force, Hamas returned some hope for the Palestinians.”

“We need a movement expressing the demands of the streets,” she added, insisting that the peace process would never regain the Palestinians’ rights.

Officially, Jordan cut all relations with Hamas in 1999, when Hamas offices in Amman were shut down and its leaders were expelled to Syrian, then to Qatar.

Al-Fayez said that Jordan could improve its relationship with Hamas if there is popular pressure, but she reiterated that her country “has dealt with [Palestinian] factions who are not real representatives of the people, but worked for personal interests” in the past.

She stressed that Hamas is a “real representative of the Palestinian street and it has the right to have us cooperate with it.” She refused her government’s labelling of Hamas as a terrorist organisation.

Adding that her government’s position towards Hamas does not represent that of the Jordanian people who refuse to normalise relations with Israel or to have a gas deal with it.

Al-Fayez linked the deteriorated relationship with Hamas to the corruption in her country.

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